What is the most endangered monkey?



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    It is impossible to pinpoint a single most endangered monkey. Certain endangered species may have already become extinct, but it is difficult to tell due to the remoteness of the areas in which they live. 14 of the most endangered species of monkey include the Roloway Monkey, the Pennant’s Red Colobus, the Tana River Red Colobus, the Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus, the Kipunji, the Pig-tailed Langur, the Golden-Headed Langur, the Western Purple-faced Langur, the Grey-shanked Douc, the Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey, the Variegated Spider Monkey, the Brown-headed Spider Monkey, and the Peruvian Yellow-tailed Wooly Monkey.

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    While I cannot say which is the number one most endangered species of monkey is, there is one that is likely only a few years away from absolute extinction. The Delacour’s langur (Trachypithecus delacouri) is nearing the gates of its doom, according to experts. These lively monkeys are only found in one small area within Vietnam. “Scientists estimate that between 281 and 317 individuals still exist” in the whole world and that in about a decade their population will likely drop to 100 or less. The saddest part is that almost the entire reason for their status as being “critically endangered” is from poaching and humans destroying their natural habitat.

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    One of about 100 species of lemurs, all of which are found only in Madagascar, the greater bamboo lemur is the most critically endangered of the four that make the U.N.’s “most endangered primates” list. It relies on a single species of bamboo and is the only male-dominated species of lemur on Earth. Once widespread, it now occupies 4% or less of its original range, and fewer than 160 remain alive today, in isolated groups in patches of eastern rainforest.

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