What is the most electricity efficient way to heat an apartment?

Excluding wood stoves and central heat, which of the following are most efficient:

-Electric wall heater
-Space heater
-Oil radiator heater




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    Before you start heating any space you want to make sure that any area, hole or crack that could leak air is fully and tightly sealed.  There’s nothing worse than flooding an area with nice warm heated air only to have that air vanish before your eyes because it’s escaped out of that tiny crack by the door. 

    Once all of the cracks and empty spaces are sealed, the most efficient way to heat an apartment is really with the use of an electric heater.  They’re the most efficient way to go because they convert almost 100% of the electricity they use to heat your home!  If you set your regular heating sytem to a lower heat (say 50 or 55 degrees fahrenheit) and then heat only the rooms that you use with a space heater (most run about $150), you can save a ton of money on your winter heating bills. 

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    Another thing to consider is using passive solar heating techniques. Although it involves more design and effort, this is trully the best way to heat your home, without having to rely on any form of “heater” other than the sun. Passive solar heating involves using the angle of the sun and the seasons in their most efficient way. In summer, the sun tends to be hotter and higher, so heating the home/apartment is not typically an issue. However, in the winter the sun is at a lower angle and so by having open windows and the majority of your house open to the light, you will allow the warmth of the sun to warm your house.

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