What is the most efficient way to water grapes?



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    Drip irrigation is a very effective way to water grapes and keep a vineyard healthy.  Drip irrigation allows for precise water control so that vines are not over watered but are still getting sufficient moisture.  Drip irrigation also keeps the vines from being sprayed  and covered by water, which can be hazardous to the vine during the hotter months of summer.  DI is also a great way to conserve water, because the vines will use almost all of the water they are exposed to.

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    Backyard garden grapes are similar to grapes found in vineyards in that they don’t need a lot of water, but drip irrigation isn’t for everyone.  Grapes grow deep roots, and therefore need to be watered heavily and deeply, but not that often.  Also, watch out for soil clogging up the ground, making it difficult for the water to reach its destination.

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