What is the most efficient way of transporting goods?



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    It all depends on what and how many goods you are transporting. It is usually cheapest to transport via truck, but as fuel costs rise it might soon be most cost effective to use a combination of road, water, and rail transport. There is a company testing out new software that will calculate the most efficient method of travel based on a multitude of variables. Check out an article on the topic here.

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      My idea would be using trains as ferries. Where
      drivers of trucks would ride the rails until designate
      ted stops and then drive off. Ideally trains could
      be used for cars, bikers, walkers…just like city
      bus routes work, only cross country. Vehicles could
      be driven onto train and driver could stay in vehicle
      or in train. Big semis would be off the roads, saving
      fuel, and maintenance on truck and roads.

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