What is the most efficient type of light bulb that we have right now?



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    Led light bulbs are highly efficient.  They also last for hundreds of thousands of hours.  LED lightbulb: Photo Credit, Supreme Value International

    LED lightbulb: Photo Credit, Supreme Value International

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    Light emitting diode light (LED) light bulbs are the most efficient bulbs on the market right now.  The average LED bulb uses between 2-17 watts of electricity which is 1/3rd the amount compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs use and 1/30th the amount of electricity an incandescent bulb uses.  Though LED bulbs are expensive, they last longer than any other light bulb on the market and their prices continue to fall as the technology becomes easier to manufacture.

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    LED lightbulbs last longer than flourescent lightbulbs and often produce a greater amount of light. Another advantage is that they do not heat up the way halogen bulbs can.

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