What is the most efficient temperature to set a home thermostat at?



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    I know it’s been a long time since this was posted, but I just wanted to point out to mslindsey that there are indeed times when one might need to set the thermostat more than 15 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

    Try living in Tucson, Phoenix, or Yuma during June. When it soars to 110, 115, 120 outside, believe me, you don’t want your house at 100 inside.

    The way we survived was setting the termostat at 79-80, and lowering it to as low as 77 when we just couldn’t stand the heat anymore. Also we used room fans whenever people were in the room, since they made us feel cooler, even when the air temp wasn’t cooler. The combo of 80 thermostat and room fans usually worked well. (That and stripping down to tank-tops and shorts! 🙂 )

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