What is the most efficient kitchen design?



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    The “most efficient” kitchen design depends on a number of factors, including the number of people in your family, their ages, how many cooks there are, the cooking styles each person likes (baking, culinary, family style), the appliances requested, and lifestyle schedules.  I’ve attached a guide which you can use to assist you in formulating your kitchen layout.

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    An efficient kitchen design would likely vary by the family for which it is designed. If it is a large family that has many gatherings, it would be beneficial to have a lot of counter space and a couple of ovens, or a warming drawer to help with food prep. They would probably want a very large size and a big fridge.

    However, a small family that is rarely home may only need a small stove and microwave.

    Each kitchen design to be made so that dishes can easily be moved from the sink to the dishwasher so water is not dripped everywhere. A recycling center should be close to the garbage so it is easy to recycle items. Energy efficient appliances will help save money and benefit the environment. Lighting should be energy efficient bulbs. With these attributes any kitchen design would be ecological friendly and great for the family.

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    Efficiency in every item in the kitchen is very detailed, but if you’d like ideas on what to use for sustainable material, check out the link below. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry has a Smart Home that boasts a completely energy efficient kitchen, and they list every item they used in the construction of every room on the Museum’s website. Some things they use are recycled countertops, Energy Star appliances, an eco-friendly kettle and much more. Happy hunting! 🙂

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