What is the most efficient form of agriculture that we have?



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    There are so many angles to consider on this question.  Logically, efficiency would be measured by maximum yield output per input.  However, many variables play into the measurable input.  Efficiency can be based on water used, energy expended, amount of land needed, amount of chemicals used…


    Overall I would argue Algae as the most efficient agricultural market, however it currently doesn’t capture much of market share.  Algae needs is low maintenance, requires minimal amounts of input resources (sun, water, fertilizer), maximizes output very quickly, leaving minimal waste and a zero carbon footprint.  Even the by-products created in the proces can be used in a variety of ways.


    Edwards, Mark.  Green Algae Strategy End Oil Imports and Engineer Sustainable Food and Fuel. Tempe: Mark Edwards. 2008.

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