What is the most efficient ceiling fan?



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    The answer is not entirely clear. The Energy Star board, which rates the efficiency of consumer products, reviews ceiling fans and publishes a list of models that it rates as particularly energy efficient (see the first link posted under this answer). At nearly 100 pages there are hundreds of different models to choose from. High scoring models include Hampton Bay’s “Farmington” and Casablanca’s “Concentra.” However, there have been controversies about Energy Star and what its ratings really mean. In 2008 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a report stating that some of Energy Star’s ratings criteria and testing processes led to misleading or inaccurate results. Before you buy, check the specificiations of the product–most of them are available on the web–and see if you can get several different results from various sources as to the product’s energy efficiency.  (Neither I nor Greenanswers can endorse any product, and this answer is not intended as any form of endorsement or non-endorsement).

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