What is the most efficient Chevy vehicle I can buy right now?



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    The Cobalt XFE Coupe and the Cobalt XFE Sedan are the most fuel efficient (37 mpg) of Chevrolet vehicles.

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    Chevrolet now has 8 vehicles that get over 30 MPG, which actually surprised me a lot.  The most fuel efficient is a tie between the Chevy Cobalt Coupe and the Chevy Cobalt Sedan at 37 MPG.  The Malibu Hybrid gets 34, and the Aveo5 and Aveo Sedan get 34, while the non-hybrid Malibu gets 33 (only 1 less than its hybrid brother).  The HHR rounds out the 30 MPG class along with the HHR Panel van. 

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