what is the most effective way for you,personally, to learn new information?

I am curious about people’s learning styles, particularly as it pertains to how the world works. For example, do you prefer to read material, talk with people, experience something hands on? Perhaps a variety of approaches?



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    Hey lunafish,

    I personally enjoy learning by researching and then doing.  Whether my research is online reading some blog or talking to someone I know about the best way to do something, the most effective learning method is still probably what comes next: going out and doing something hands on.  I think the research/reading/talking part gives me an idea of what to expect, but you cannot fully realize the particular situation until you experience it.  I have always liked to use my hands, so this particular method makes the most sense to me.

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      Hey jeffb, thanks for your response. I think our learning styles are quite similar–wherein the reading, researching, talking all compliments the doing. I find myself seeking out more and more learning by doing in my life, which has brought me quite far from the academic world I am used to.

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    I learn new information best when it is presented in terms that I already understand.  I think it’s very human to ask “What is [something] like?”, and if the teacher or source of the new info can make an effective bridge between the new information and the “like” part of that question, learning crosses naturally.  When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon, no one having been there before, the first question on everyone’s mind was “What is the Moon like [on Earth]?”  In very simple terms we were able to watch and learn.

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    For me it’s either researching for interests or finding someone inspiring who’s going to teach me. If something is interesting enough I can read extensively about it. But if something is boring and someone doesn’t make it interesting for me I move on quickly. Generally speaking I am curious about everything, but I find it hard to stick around something specific.

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    I remember things best visually. My lecture notes for any subject since like middle school through college were mostly diagrams with little boxes and arrows, as it helped me memorize things much better. Textbooks that have illustrations are always easier to study and remember. In general I can learn a lot on my own by reading books or researching online, but I prefer some practice like a laboratory or at least concrete real-life examples.

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    Hands on is the only way for me.  Projects, or studies are the best way for me.  Doing the whole read from a book and spit out what Ive read doesnt work for me. 

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    The best method for learning new information is when the information is applied in a context relevant to my personal situation.  Some people are visual learners, some are auditory, some tactile.  So depending on the person, the best methods of learning can vary.

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