What is the most effective thing for an individual to do to fight climate change?



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    Drive much, much less.

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    Becoming more educated on the various wasteful practices that are performed everyday and minimizing them would be incredibly effective. 

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    use less electricity because electricity is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide which leads to climate change. You could use a blanket instead of the heater or play a board game with friends or family rather than watching television.

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    I’d say that the most effective way that an individual can combat climate change varies from person to person. Like jmendez mentioned, becoming more educated on the subject is a start, and finding something that you really feel passionate about could make all the difference in the world; having a passion for something really brings it to life.

    Climate change is a big problem with many consequences, but you can really make a difference by making little changes and becoming informed. 

    I posted some links at the bottom about climate change, with the second link explaining what you can do to help fight it. 

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    Drive less and use less electricity and buy local.

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    Eat less meat

    Drive less

    Educate others about climate change ( i think this is most important. people don’t care about climate change because they don’t care, its because they don’t know much about it) 

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