What is the most eco friendly way to take notes in college?



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    Many different people will have many different answers to this question.  Some may argue a computer because you are not using paper.  Some may argue that computers require electricity and paper can be recycled.  Personally, I preferred a pen and paper in college.  After each year I would recycle the pages of my spiral notebooks that had no-longer-usable notes and reuse the notebook until all the pages had been filled.  I don’t believe there is one definitive answer to what is the best method, but we should all try our best to make sure we take our notes as environmentally friendly as possible. 

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    I found that if my professor provided power point lectures of the notes online, I would only bring a small pad and paper to class. With this pad, I would only write down small crucial facts that weren’t listed on the powerpoint. That way when I got home, I would study the power point online and review my handwritten notes. Not only do i save paper, but I also save energy by not leaving my laptop on the entire time in class. 

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    I found using a small tape recorder was the easiest method and left little room for error on what was discussed.  I believe this method to be eco-friendly as well.

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    I find taking notes on a computer ineffective. I learn a lot better by physically writing things down, and to do this the best option I have found is to buy recycled school supplies and then recycle them again when the semester is over. I’ve attached a link to amazon’s page of recycled school supplies. My school’s bookstore offers recycled projects too though, so you might look there as well.

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