What is the most eco friendly way to make electricity in America?



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    Wind farms, especially off shore wind turbines, are a promising source of renewable energy.  A wind turbine can produce a significant amount of electricity without releasing any toxins into the atmosphere.  A company called Ecotricity based in the UK is committed to making “green” electricity cost effective for use in homes and offices.

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    Solar energy is probably the most underutilized source of energy we have—its quite ubiquitous and there are very few drawbacks except the intial cost of construction. A lesser known alternative to the solar panel is the solar parabolic trough which is used on a large scale in the southwest to convert sun energy to steam to electricity.

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    To make a wind turbine, you have to mine a lot of stuff, notably neodymium for the magnets in the motors. At present that is almost all mined in China, and the US imports 100% of its neodymium and other rare earths, mostly from China (there is a rare-earth mine in California that is restarting right now, Dec 2010-Jan ’11).

    The point is that there are all manner of behind-the-scenes things that happen to make modern technology, including “green” technology, possible.

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