What is the most eco friendly way to get rid of my diabetes needles?



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    Accidental needle-sticks from improperly disposed syringes are an unwanted reality for thousands of people each year. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency began recommending sharps disposal by mail and advising the public of the proper disposal of syringes. Also, California has passed and other states are enacting legislation that bans needles from residential and commercial trash pick-up.

    The solution? The Sharps Disposal by Mail System®.

    The Sharps Disposal by Mail System is the first complete system for the proper disposal of used needles, syringes, and other small quantities of bio hazardous waste. It’s the perfect disposal solution for individuals who self-inject, or medical facilities generating small quantities of medical waste.

    Sharps Disposal by Mail System is Government approved and includes:

    • specially designed mailable sharps container 
    • a postage prepaid return shipping box with barcode tracking 
    • a protective 4–mil bag liner 
    • instructions in both English and Spanish 
    • a multi–part simplified manifest tracking form 

    The cost of mailing, disposal and confirmation of destruction is included in the purchase price.

    When the Sharps Disposal by Mail System sharps container is full, it is placed in the pre-paid postage return box and delivered via the U.S. Postal Service to the Sharps treatment facility. Upon receipt, Sharps documents the delivery, weight, and destruction of each container and its contents. Confirmation of destruction is made available electronically using the Company’s proprietary SharpsTracer™ system.

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