What is the most eco-friendly variety of beer?



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    There are many eco-friendly beer options.  New Belgium Brewing Company uses a lot of wind power in the manufacture of their beer, which saved them 15 million pounds of CO2 in the past year.  They also process their wastewater in factory so that it doesn’t pollute natural bodies of water.  Other eco-friendly breweries are Fish Brewing Company, Alaskan Brewing Company and Full Sail Brewing Company.

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    Besides just the eco-friendly elements of the beer (is it organic? do they use renewable energy to power the brewery?), it is important to consider how the beer is packaged and how far it has to be sent.  You can make a beer more environmentally friendly by buying a local beer.  It’s also better to buy on tap or in large quantity (if you’re having a party, get a keg) and always recycle.

    This is all important because beers are increasingly organic and sustainable, and even carbon neutral in the case of East Green, a beer produced by Adnams in the UK.  Everything about it is great and green…but if you want it in the U.S. you have to ship it.  Oh, well.

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    As mentioned above, the New Belgium Brewery is probably has the most sustainable practices.  They use renewable energy and are starting to cut down on their water waste. Other companies, such as Miller, are introducing organic varieties which support local farmers in diminishing pesticides.  For more tips on buying eco-friendly beers, visit this website:



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