What is the most eco friendly valentines day gift?



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    That depends on what kind of gift you’re looking for. If we go for the traditional categories, get a live potted flower rather than cut off flowers. Let the plant take out some carbon dioxide from the air. And you can always get some neat green gadget, like a solar-powered backpack that can charge laptops, cell phones, and other electronics. Or just give a bicycle, there’s no better way to reduce fossil fuel pollution than to drive less.

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    Those are great suggestions.  What I would add to that is (at the risk of being tongue-in-cheek), love is a zero-emissions fuel.  Find a creative way to remind your partner that your love transcends the commerciality of Hallmark holiday clichés.  Take them on an excursion to a special scenic place.  Write them a poem.  Sing them a song.  Celebrate your love in a way that nobody else would ever think of.

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    Well there are plenty of ways to be creative. If your partner is particularly eco friendly, then I say be very creative and buy him or her a carbon certificate. They are sold by the Adirondack company, and basically they are bought up by people and thereby prevent companies from releasing those emissions into the atmosphere. 

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    And other things that are non-existent in material reality.

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    I love the last answer. I was going to suggest that 🙂

    However, if you a traditional Valentine’s Day but still remain eco-friendly, opt for buying your bouquet of roses from a local flower shop instead of a major national brand. If you are going to buy candles, try looking for soy-based candles instead.

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