What is the most eco friendly vacuum cleaner?



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    Difficult to judge a product as being more eco friendly than another but the highest rated vacuum cleaner on greenandmore.com, a green product site, is the Miele Capricorn Canister Vacuum. The vacuum cleaners advertised on the site are all environmentally friendly, energy efficient, built to last and have less emissions than standard vacuums. 

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    A vacuum that does not throw up dirt as it cleans is important, especially for people with allergies. Unfortunately, even vacuums with HEPA filters raise considerable dust with floor attachments that beat carpets. When the mechanical carpet attachment is not used, but just simple suction, the amount of air pollution is relatively slight.

    The more expensive and more powerful the vacuum, the less environmental it will tend to be, because 100s of dollars of labor and materials may go into creating them, and they may consume considerable electricity while being used. The faster and more thoroughly you want to clean, generally the less ecological that will be, and it may not make environmental sense, for example, to buy a powerful, high-end vacuum cleaner that is only used occasionally to clean a small place.

    Some wildly expensive specialty vacuums also exist. See link below.

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