What is the most eco friendly vacuum cleaner?



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    When buying a vacuum cleaner, look for one that lasts longer instead of one that offsets emissions. Most of the time, people buy new vacuums instead of fixing the old ones they have. This results in a lot of space in landfills being filled unnecessarily. Also, look for the CRI green seal of approval when purchasing vacuums. Gold labels indicate the best vacuum for the environment. Vacuums with this seal are excellent at soil removal, dust containment, and carpet fiber retention.

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    Greenerchoices places two Bissell Models as the top performers in both cleaning and low emissions. The Bissel Versus Small Vacuum and the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser Handheld both score in the 80’s, higher than any other brand or model. Both are affordable at $80 and $35 respectively. For large vacuums, the Kenmore Intuition scores highest at 74 but costs $600. However, the Electrolux Oxegyn comes in only two points lower with a $170 lower price tag. The Kenmore Progressive is lableed the CR “best buy” at $300 with a score of $70.

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    I highly recommend the Electrolux Ergospaceā„¢ Green EL4101 Canister Vacuum Cleaner. More than half of it is made of recycled plastic and it is highly efficient. I’ve used this vacuum before and know that it is easy to use and lightweight. It is also cheap compared to many other vacuums on the market, costing about $299.99.

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