What is the most eco friendly type of juice for my kids?



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    My suggestion would be to make your own juices.

    Not only are the health benefits better, the best way to be eco-friendly when it comes to the container side of things is to not buy plastic – especially the huge jugs juice usually comes in.

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    If you don’t have time to make your own juice, look for juices that are NOT made from concentrate (which is the majority of them).  Juices made in this way are missing nutrients and vitamins.  Kirkland makes a cranberry juice without concentrate and you can find it at costco.  Also try to find juices that are sweetened with natural sweeteners instead of fructose corn syrups or processed sugars.  Finally, in terms of eco-friendly, look for local juices or as close to local as you can find that decrease the carbon footprint from transportation.

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    If you do not grow your own fruits or veggies, go to your local farmers market or supermarket and purchase organic and local ingredients to make your own. If you do not have the time, many farmers at the farmers markets will sell fresh juices. Look for ones that are not made from concentrate and are preservative free. Also look for 100% juice and no sugar added. I recommend fresh pressed/squeezed apple juice!

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