What is the most eco friendly type of jewelry?



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    One of the most environmentally conscious ways to purchase jewelry is to seek out recycled materials. Don’t worry- this doesn’t mean the pawn shop is the only option!

    Precious metals that are used to make jewelry can be recycled over and over without losing any quality. While mining for metals and gemstones is bad for the Earth and can even cost human lives, recycled jewelry gives you the warm, fuzzy feeling that you are doing the right thing.

    Sites like Green Karat sell fine jewelry for all occasions, including wedding and other commitments. For everyday accessorizing, try a local thrift shop for unique used jewelry. Many artists also use recycled materials to make interesting fashions.

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    GreenOro.com has an interesting program called the Green Box Program.  It follows three steps: Recycle, Reuse, Donate.  You can recycle or donate your used and/or broken jewelry to the website and are asked if you want to give part or all of your store credit from the jewelry to an environmental organization.

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    With wedding season in full effect I felt it would be nice to mention Brilliant Earth.  This socially and environmentally responsible company uses guaranteed conflict free diamonds and recycled gold and platinum.  They say they carefully track their diamonds “from mine to market” solidifying there guarantee.  Also, as an added bonus 5% of their profits are donated to Africa.

    For a full description of the company’s mission or to shop at the Brilliant Earth website just click the link below.

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    One of the most eco-friendly types of jewelry is reused jewelry. Buying secondhand jewelry means that new resources are not being used to produce new jewelry. A great place to look for secondhand jewelry is thrift stores and the goodwill. You can find some of the most unique items at stores like these.

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    Jewelry that is eco-friendly are made of recylced materials, upcycled or manufactured with the environment in mind. Remember to always check out where they labor is sourced. You should definately check out the online store, Etsy. They have a wide selection of eco-friendly jewelry available ranging from vintage to wooden necklaces.

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