What is the most eco friendly type of house?



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    The most eco-friendly type of home incorporates three key aspects of energy efficiency: it is constructed using biodegradable materials, powered by renewable resources and, perhaps most importantly, sustainable.

    These days, environmentalists are finding many recycled materials can be used to construct homes, such as cardboard, glass and even recycled tires and plastic bottles. In hotter parts of the world, paper homes are receiving some attention; recycled paper is used to create cellulose, which is soaked in resin and acts as an insulation agent, while at the same time providing structural integrity.

    Renewable resources are becoming quite popular as household energy sources, especially with government programs like AB 811 in California, which provide financial incentives to homes that incorporate solar panels. Wind power is also becoming quite popular, especially in the agricultural sector.

    Sustainability is key it guarantees the ecological impact the home has is minimal. When a unit of property is able to function independently of the adjacent features or resources, the surrounding environment benefits greatly. 

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    The famous Addison Sod House protected its inhabitants from temperature of below 40 degrees to 40 degrees above. 

    Check out the links below if you want to see the house.  It’s pretty cool looking. 

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