What is the most eco friendly type of fuel for cars?



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    Right now the newest (and some would argue the best) way to fuel your car with environmentally friendly fuel is with the use regular fuel — and fuel additives.  

    Fuel additives come in pill or tablet form and work by removing carbon deposits that are left behind when your vehicle burns regular gasoline.  As the additive removes the deposits, it essentially cleans the engine.  The cleaner the engine, the more efficient it is, giving the car better gas mileage which automatically ups its eco-friendly factor.

    What makes it really eco-friendly though is that as the additive removes deposits, CO, NOx, SOx and HC emissions are severely decreased so that normal fuel becomes environmentally friendly.   

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    Electricity is the most environmentally friendly fuel hands-down. Due to our current infrastructure, perfectly good electricity is wasted every night while people are sleeping. Electric cars can harness this electricity with virtually no negative impact on the environment. Electric cars that are not being driven can also function as storage units for intermittent renewable sources of renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

    Also, since electric cars do not produce emissions while they drive, they are better for local air quality than any other vehicle. Say bye-bye to asthma!

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