What is the most eco friendly type of disposable plate?



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    Great question! Actually, there’s a few really cool eco friendly disposable plates to choose from. Of course, you can find paper plates made from recycled material, but you won’t be able to recycle them after you use them. So, for your next party, consider using sugarcane or bamboo disposable plates. Or, if you want something that’s more similar to plastic, try biodegradable corn byproduct plates, which are also compostable. We even now have disposable plates made from limestone and starch, which are biodegradable. Many of these materials are also used for cutlery, cups, and food storage containers. I’m including a link which contains info. on where you can buy these products. Happy shopping… and partying!

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    I’d say it doesn’t really matter until you are sure it gets recycled. Paper is one of the easiest material to recycle, plastics are harder but still better for the environment. Paper is also known for it’s ability to be recycled multiple times so if properly disposed you can save a lot of trees. 


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