What is the most eco friendly type of bottled water?



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    The most eco-friendly bottled water would be water that is naturally clean and bottled from a naturally occuring source. Also, it is better if it’s in a glass bottle. One example of a very eco-friendly water is Belu in the UK. http://belu.org/

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    Ice Age is another great eco-friendly bottled water.  They source the water from a glacier in Canada, and utilize a UV filtration system.  They are still using plastic bottling, but some companies have chosen to use plastic versus glass because studies have shown that plastic is recycled at a higher rate than glass.

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    The most eco friendly form of water would be water you bottle at home, using a tap or pitcher style water filter.  Any type of bottle that uses aluminum, glass, or a recycled plastic as a container would also be more eco friendly.  The less bottled water has the travel to reach the consumer, the better for the environment it is as well (ie distilled water being better than something like Fiji water, due to the carbon cost involved in transporting the latter).  Bottled water that comes from a municipal source and is vapor distilled or otherwise filtered would also be better than that which comes from an artesian or natural source because it is using an existing resource rather than tapping another water source.

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