What is the most eco-friendly packaging material?



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    According to this article, carton is the most eco-friendly packaging material. It cuts down carbon emissions by over half, it is lightweight, and it uses renewable wood in its manufacturing.

    Personally, whenver I or my parents pack something, we use old newspaper. It was always funny to receive a care package at college from home because I know I would have to go through the layer of newspaper and comics to get to the good stuff.

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    Eco packaging materials are friendly to the earth or common traditional material, packaging has a huge amount of influence over the things. Eco packaging materials reduce impact on the environment in many ways. some material are :
    1. Recycled Material
    2. Annually sustainable materials
    3. Biodegradable materials
    4. Recyclable materials
    5. Reusable materials
    Popular eco friendly products are :
    1. Recycled cardboard boxes
    2. Biodegradable bags and boxes
    3. Compostable food containers

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