What is the most eco friendly material for cutting boards?



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    According to re-nest.com the most eco-friendly cutting-board materials are (in descending order):

    1. Recycled Paper

    2. Recycled Plastic

    3. Reclaimed or Salvaged Wood

    4. Sustainable Wood

    5. Cork

    Visit the link above for more information and links to actual products made from those materials.

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    Bamboo is also a relatively good material in terms of resource use. Bamboo grows incredibly fast and if managed properly bamboo stands can be harvested indefinately. Since bamboo is technically a grass it doesn’t create “wood” and so doesn’t necessarily fall into the the “sustainable wood” category Whitefish mentioned.

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    I have a set made out of bamboo, one of the more sustainable materials (actually a grass not a wood) and they are great and even safe for meats if you clean them properly.

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