What is the most eco-friendly diet?



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    The top 10 things to do when altering your diet to make it more eco friendly is to 1.) buy local, 2.) and 3.) buy from farmers who don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, 4.) buy foods with as little packaging as possible, 5.) buy dairy products from farmers who use sustainable farming practices, 6.) and 7.) buy meat that is either pastured or organic, 8.) eat seasonal produce, 9.) less meat, and 10.) be vocal and visible about choosing food for environmental reasons (so producers know it does matter.)

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    Vegetarian diets are undoubtedly “greener” than omnivorous diets, because growing meat is an energy intensive practice… there is a chart which shows how it takes 10 times the amount of energy to grow one pound (or any measure: g or kg) of meat than it requires to grow an equal mass of plant matter (there is efficiency loss of a factor of ten each time you go down the food chain —from the sun, to plants, to animals is 10 times for efficient than going from the sun to plants to animals to animals). Therefore, we should all try to eat less meat (some need to cut back more [or less] than others), and we can simply replace the necessary protein we get from meat with alternatives such as legumes and nuts. I try to eat a ratio of 4 vegatabe or grain sources (non-meat) to a ratio of 2. My 4:2 theory and experiment: That’s twice as much plant-based source food in volume when compared to the amount meat I eat. If possible I try to eat 4 vegetarian meals in a row, but then because of availability, cultural influences (it’s what the people around me eat, so it is considered rude to refuse, and because that’s what I have been accostomed after years of Mom’s cooking (of meat usually featured with each meal—or at least lunch and dinner—which would yield a ratio of 2 : 1 in favor of more meat consumption)…After taking sustainable development with professor duke at UD (and nutrition 200 with mrs. lennon) I decided to flip my consumption table… If everyone did this the meat manufacturing industry would suffer, but emissions would also be hindered as well if we cut down on the energy intensive practice of factory farming meat!

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