What is the most eco-friendly clothing material?



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    The most eco-friendly fabrics use little to no pesticides, come from sustainable and fair farming, contain no animals, etc. The number one fabric on this list is hemp. Hemp is a fiber coming from the cannabis sativa plant. It has long fibers and is very durable. It can be coarse, but modern breeding practices have helped to alleviate this problem.

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    Organic cotton can be a good bet, but make sure that any clothing you buy made from organic cotton is free trade and not treated with conventional dyes or preservative chemicals like formaldehyde.  Soy fabrics that are certified organic and sustainable are also good bets.  Cashmere can also be a good eco-friendly fabric even though cashmere is made from the long hairs of Kashmir goats; provided that the goats are treated well and that the fabric isn’t treated with chemicals and synthetic dyes, cashmere can be a very worthwhile investment.  As baileyhicks stated earlier, hemp is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world.  Hemp requires no chemicals to grow, doesn’t need much water, and is a very sustainable crop.  

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