What is the most eco-friendly city in the US?



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    Also the second greenest in the world, Portland, OR takes the top spot in the U.S.

    It was the first city in the U.S. to create a comprehensive plan to reduce CO2 emissions. It also has an extensive public transportation system with light-rail, buses, bike lanes, etc. allowing for less cars on the road. 

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    This is actually a pretty subjective thing to rank, but Popular Science did a rather comprehensive ranking in 2008. They tried to make it more objective than your usual ranking system by using scores corresponding to actual attributes. Here are the top five:

    1. Portland, OR

    2. San Francisco, CA

    3. Boston, MA

    4. Oakland, CA

    5. Eugene, OR

    (as a personal note, I’m glad that two of the three places I call my home, Portland and Eugene, made the top five!)

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