What is the most eco friendly city park in the United States?



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    The Mount D.O.R.A. dog park in Florida is considered a green and environmentally friendly park, with 100% natural Turf-pro products that have minimum environmental impact. It uses a minimum of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. They used “fertigation” a system that makes it so less fertilizer is needed, eliminated run-off and lowers percolation into ground water. This system also reduces the water use. They use a variety of other methods to use the natural biology and chemicals to strengthen the soil. 

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    As far as city parks go, they don’t appear to be ranked individually. Rather, city and community parks are considered as one of several major factors in determining which cities are greenest overall. To find out more about these cities, as well as why their parks help them make the grade as the nation’s greenest, check out Popular Science’s article on America’s 50 Greenest Cities.

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