What is the most eco friendly brand of condom?



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    No matter what form of condom you use, it will produce less trash than if you get pregnant or get someone else pregnant, given that each person by their very existence produces tons of waste in their lives. Condoms, by contrast, make up about 0.001 percent of all trash that Americans produce annually.

    That said, you do have options. Lambskin condoms are biodegradable, but don’t protect against STDs, so it might be better to use latex, which is also biodegradable, although it takes longer. It is also possible to get fair trade latex condoms, which come from fair trade rubber plantations. Do not use polyurethane if you can. Make sure to recycle the box the condoms come in.  to dispose of used condoms, put them in a paper bag and then put that bag in the trash–don’t flush them down the toilet!

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    Natex is a company that makes great eco-friendly condoms.  It is a Brazilian company that manufactures male condoms made from “pure natural latex extracted from the Amazon rain forest in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.”  Brazil, being the largest importer of condoms in the world, gives out the condoms for free as a way to fight AIDS

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