What is the most eco conscious ivy league school?



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    When the greenest college/university was named in 2009 by SmartPower’s America’s Greenest Campus Campaign, many of the Ivy Leagues fell behind – Harvard was #16, Yale #23, and Princeton at #37. The #1 slot was Rio Salado College and University of Maryland College Park. Now, Princeton is stepping up their game by installing the largest solar field of any college/university in the world, which will likely make them the most green Ivy League.

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    The Sustainable Endowments Institute released it’s “Green Report Card” on colleges in 2011. Topping the list were: Brown U, Dickinson College, Luther College, Oberlin College, Pomona College, U of Minnesota-Twin Ciites, U of Wisconsin-Madison, and Yale U. So to simplify your quesiton, Brown and Yale seem to be the greenest of the Ivys right now, but like elifitz said, Princeton may charge ahead in the future. 

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    I go to Cornell and we may not scoring too high on those report cards, but I feel the school is doing a good job of getting students involved and aware of good sustainability practice. We’ve had competitions among dormitories to see which dorm can lower its carbon footprint the most and the main engineering building where the engineers hang out turns its lights on and off based on the amount of sunlight coming in.

    Some students also recently started a cool new project called Lights Off where groups of students volunteer to turn off lights in buildings each night. I’ve volunteered a couple times and it doesn’t take a lot of time but you’d be surprised at how many unused lights are on in buildings all across campus. Turning off all those lights makes a difference.

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    As a Brown student, I’m going to go out here and cast a biased vote for Brown haha. Brown received an “A” grade from the college sustainability report card, and so many aspects of student life are environmentally conscious. A student group successfully campaigned for the removal of bottled water from campus, the school recently installed solar-powered trash compacting trash bins, recently constructed buildings have LEED certification, the dining halls are in the process of going trayless. Also, the student body as a whole is very environmentally conscious, and there are a number of student groups devoted to various environmental problems (for example: the sustainable food initiative (SuFI) and the Brown Climate Action Fund, which works with Facilities to invest in eco-freindly ways to manage campus buildings).

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