What is the most devastating whale beaching of all time?



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    There isn’t generally any one whale beaching that has been classified as the worst one of all time, but there is, on the other hand, a particular whale beaching that has gained a lot of attention.  Not to draw attention away from the very depressing beachings involving many whales, such as seen in the photo below, but there is one case in which only one whale was involved that is particularly interesting.

    The case I am talking about occurred on November 12, 1970 in Florence, Oregon.  A 45ft long sperm whale was found beached and the city was unsure of what to do with the carcass.  After discussing several options, they decided blowing it up would be the easiest means of disposal, figuring the whale would be blown into small pieces that would get washed away and eaten up by wildlife.  The outcome was not what they expected.  Massive pieces of whale blubber went flying everywhere and even damaged a nearby car.

    Below I have embedded a video of the news report of the exploding whale situation:


    Hope this helps!

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