What is the most deadly scorpion in the world?



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    The worlds most deadly scorpian lives in North Africa and the Middle east and goes by many names including: Androctonus, Buthus, Hottentotta, or Leiurus.

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    All scorpions possess venom, although most of them are harmless to humans. However, a few of them do have powerful enough poison and sufficient in amount to kill a human. The Death Stalker scorpion is usually the one credited with being the most dangerous. Although healthy adults can usually survive its neurotoxin mix, it can be deadly to children, old people, and those with heart conditions. It lives throughout North Africa and Middle East – and in captivity by some as a pet.

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    According to one article, it is the Deathstalker. It originated from the Mideast to North Africa and is about 10-13cm long. Part of what makes it so deadly is that it is extremely tempermental. However, it’s poison is also the most deadly. It can cause unbearable pain to followed by convelusions, a coma and then death. The next most deadly is the Arabian Fat-tailed scorpion who also originates from Mideast and Northern Africa.

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