What is the most dangerous type of shark?



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    There are 5 sharks that are considered the most dangerous because they are the ones htat typically attack humans. These are Great Whites, Tiger sharks, Bull sharks, Shortfin Mako (which really attacks boats more than humans), and the Oceanic Whitetip. The majority of attacks on people are done by Tiger, Bull and Great White. 

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    Over half of fatal attacks on humans have come from only three species of sharks.  This includes the Great White, Tiger Shark, and Bull Shark.  The Great White has attacked more people than Tiger and Bull Sharks combined.  After these three species, the next most dangerous consist of Requiem, Sand Tiger, Blacktip, Narrowtooth, Hammerhead, Spinner, and Blue Sharks.  

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    I remember watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and they featured the Great White shark. This shark is a force to be reackoned with, and I quickly learned of the danger that this shark can pose to humans. This is one of the reasons why the film Jaws featured the Great White. Sure this film helped to promote a stereotype, but the shark can still be quite deadly and shouldn’t be messed around with!

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