What is the most dangerous shark?



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    The most dangerous shark is the Great White Shark. It has been given this title because of its high numbers of attacks on humans and boats which have at times turned to fatalities. The curiousness of the great white has gotten it into trouble and many animal activists work hard to protect them.

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    The breed of shark with the most recorded attacks on humans is the oceanic Whitetip shark.  Other breeds of shark dangerous to humans include the Great White, the Tiger, and the Bull.

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    The most dangerous types of sharks are the Great White, the Oceanic White Tip, the Bull Shark, and the Tiger Shark. Allthough, sharks are one of the most feared animals to humans, there are less than 100 attacks per year and less than thirty deaths per year from shark attack.

    The Great White is responsible for the most attacks. There are 373 recorded Great White attacks, while there have been 137 Tiger Shark attacks and 88 Bull Shark attacks.

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    According to the International Shark Attack File, the Great White poses the most threat to humans being implicated in 451 attacks 65 of them being fatal.  The tiger and the bull shark have a higher percentage of unprovoked attack to fatality.  Both at 30% fatality where as the great white on 26%.

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