What is the most dangerous predator to humans?



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    Humans are the most dangerous predator to humans. We kill ourselves more than any other animal kills us.

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    I know it’s not what you mean… but, other humans.

    But realistically, what exactly is “most dangerous”? That which kills the most? That which attacks the most? That which causes the most disease? That which results in the most financial ruin? There are many ways of looking at this.

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    This website provides a list of the ten most deadly animals. Animals such as the Asian Cobra, elephants and the Cape Buffalo are known to kill multiple humans each year.

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    It depemds on where you are.  Polar bears in the artic,sharks in the ocean, cougars in the western states, grizzly/brown bears in the Rocky Mountains and Alaska, black bears in North America, tigers in India, are a few of the animals dangerous to humans.  Any animal thst is hungery, scared, cornered or feels threatened by a human is dangerous.

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    You might be surprised to know that in Africa, the most dangerous animal to humans isn’t a predator at all -it’s the hippo.

    Hippos eat mostly grasses and other plants.  However, females with calves and males in general are incredibly aggressive.  They can snap a crocodile in half effortlessly with their huge jaws, and have been known to attack humans with almost no provocation. 

    It only takes one chomp from those!

    Although to be fair,  the hippo is only the most dangerous mammal in Africa. Perhaps the most deadly of all is the mosquito. It carries the malaria parasite and transmits it to humans through its bite, killing over 800,000 Africans each year. 

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    In terms of sheer numbers, the mosquito, through the transmission of malaria, kills the most number of humans, with a death toll of approximately 2 million per year. It is followed by the Asian or Spectacle Cobra, which despite having weaker poison than other snakes, is still responsible for the largest portion of the annual 50,000 snakebite-related deaths.  Some other animals on the list (full list at the LiveScience link below) are the Australian box jellyfish, great white shark, and the Australian salt water crocodile.

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    In all practicality, biological preditors are the most harmful to humans (other than humans themselves). How many thousands of humans die from bacterial diseases each year? Check out the link below for more in-depth information about bacterial disease.

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    There is no absoluted definition of the worlds dangerous animal. But most researches show that crocodiles are the most dangerous animal. A jaw of a crocodile produces over 3000 psi of force, and is much stronger than the jaws of a jaguar or spotted hyena. Crocodiles sometimes work together in groups, and have been known to kill and eat black rhinos and large cape buffalos. Crocodiles will eat anything that consists of meat.

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