What is the most dangerous pesticide we use in America?



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    Many pesticides regularly used in large-scale agricultural facilities or in urban pesticide control are approved by the EPA on the basis of limited safety tests. For instance, the EPA’s human health risk assessments generally only test the risk of accumulative pesticide damage at very high levels of pesticide concentration, which are not representative of the comparatively fractional pesticide buildup which frequently occurs after long uses of diluted commercialized pesticide products.

    The FDA is also frequently accused of being too lax in regulating usage of sprayed insecticides on fruit and vegetable crops. Chlorpyrifos and methyl parathion are two insecticides recently found present in 100% of human test subjects, and found at levels roughly 4.6 times greater than that allowed by the EPA, close to carcinogenic levels. Therefore, even those pesticides legalized by the EPA may become increasingly dangerous when their usage remains unregulated by corresponding federal agencies.

    As a last note, pesticides such as pyrethroid, which has been hailed as a “gentler, greener approach to pest control” have been recently reported as disrupting bee reproduction, causing alarming drops in the already unstable bee population. These pesticides are being pulled from certain markets for unnecessarily endangering the existing ecosystem and upsetting the pollination cycles necessary for large-scale agriculture.

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