What is the most dangerous parasite to humans?



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    I would say ticks, just because they are so common and can spread Lyme disease. I’m sure there are more dangerous ones out there, like worms that can get in your brain, but that’s not nearly as likely.

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    Worms in the Brain is considered the most dangerous parasite for a human. The condition is known as neurocysticercosis. The worm lives in your brain and feeds off of your own brain cells. The eggs of this parasitic worm are everywhere, like bathrooms, soil and even in food like raw pork. 

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    The Fasciola Hepatica also known as the liver fluke is the most dangerous parasite to enter the human body.  It enters the body by human consumption of the watercress or other water plants containing the cysts.  Once in the body it releases baby flukes that attach to the liver and gallbladder and can lead to severe liver damage.

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