What is the most dangerous mountain to climb?



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    With a mortality rate at 41%, Annapurna in Central Nepal is the most dangerous mountain to climb.

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    Statistically, the most dangerous mountain in the world to climb is Annapurna, in the Himalayas in Nepal, not far from Everest. It’s the 10th tallest mountain in the world and 130 people have made it to the top. Fifty-three were not so lucky. Annapurna’s kill rate is 41%, currently the highest death rate based on number of fatalities vs. attempted ascents. Most of the other killer mountains are also in the Himalayas, such as Nanga Parbat and Kangchenjunga. K2 (also known as Mt. Godwin-Austen) is recognized as a veteran killer of climbers. The worst mountain in South America is Siula Grande in Peru; in Europe, it’s the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Although it has not claimed a large number of climbers, Mt. Erebus, the highest peak in Antarctica, has a substantial body count–over 200, surpassing Everest–but most of those casualties were from a deadly air crash in 1979.

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