What is the most dangerous illegal drug?



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    heroine is commonly known as the most dangerous drugs, however there are any number of
    “hardcore drugs” such as crack, crystal meth and many others. Also, presecription drugs are also very dangerous. Oxycontin in particular is a derivative of heroine, and since it can be taken in a pill form, can be very dangerous if used improperly

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    Heroine and cocaine/crack are the most dangerous drugs, in my experience and based on my own observation, due to their addictiveness and the abrasive ways in which they are consumed. Legal drugs, like oxycontin, are just as dangerous, as they are derivatives of heroine. Oxycontin, in my opinion, is much too addictive, powerful, and dangerous to be legally prescribed, especially to an American public that enjoys alcohol, which has caused numerous deaths when mixed with the drug. Get it out of here!

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