What is the most dangerous common surgery?



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    If the surgery is common, as in performed frequently, there is of course still a risk of a negative outcome just as with rare procedures.  A very common surgery is cardiac catheterizations with over 1 million of them performed every year.  Some of the dangers are infection, catheter could damage the blood vessels, blood clots, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac tamponade, heart attack, bleeding, low blood pressure, reaction to the contrast medium, damage to the kidneys from the contrast material, stroke trauma to the artery caused by hematoma, and death.

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    Like valkyrie said, all surgeries come with some risks, and there’s always a small chance that something (seemingly insignificant) can go wrong and cause real, permanent damage.  That being said, these are the 4 most unneccesary surgeries performed in the U.S.: knee arthroscopy, hysterectomy, spinal surgery, and angiolplasty.  All of these are common surgeries that doctors are quick to recommend, but which may not actually be worth it for a large portion of the people who have them done.  Depending on the severity of the problem, it might be a good idea to seek alternatives before undergoing these types of surgeries, as surgery itself is risky business. Not to say that these surgeries don’t save people’s lives or make their ailments more comfortable, but it’s important to ask whether these surgeries are the appropriate solution for the specific ailment that you possess (on an individual basis).

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