What is the most dangerous cavern in the world?



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    Caves are dangerous, period. Tie your shoelace, stand up quickly without a helmut, and you could be dead. Easily.

    I’ve crawled through caves, and I think you’re drawing a false analogy with race tracks or video games. Caves are not a “test”. Some commitee of experts didn’t spend months deciding what would be a fun, but safe challenge.

    Caves are formed by processes that produce strange twists and turns, outcroppings, slick or rough surfaces. There are caves, and parts of caves, where there’s no oxygen at all. (And humans do not have a direct ability to measure lack of oxygen, believe it or not.)

    The only factor that makes one cave “more dangerous” in a sense is which have a lot of visitor traffic from people with no experience or training. That could be any of thousands of caves.

    That all said, folks, caving is really an interesting way to spend some time. You’ll see things you won’t see anywhere else. If you aren’t claustrophobic, caves are a quiet, interesting, adventurous experience. Follow the advice of experienced cavers, and enjoy. There are lots of good moments, there.

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