What is the most dangerous animal in Africa?



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    The mosquito, through the spread of malaria, claims more lives in Africa than any other animal.  According to some estimates, malaria kills as many people as 2800 per day.

    Some people believe the next deadliest animal is the hippo, which is responsible for more confirmed deaths than any other land mammal.  The high number of hippo related fatalities is attributed to their aquatic nature.  Humans must visit water sources regularly, making an ambush likely.  Hippos are also known to leave water sources and destroy farmland.  Also, territorial fights between males often leaves hippos wounded and aggressive.

    Others believe the crocodile is responsible for more deaths, for very similar reasons to the hippo.  However, many crocodile attacks occur in impoverished areas where verification is difficult.  Crocodiles usually eat their kills, which also makes fatalities difficult to verify.

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