What is the most damaging type of pollution?



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    According to BionomicFuel.com, the 7 most dangerous types of environmental pollution are:

    • Particle Air Contamination
    • Smog
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Use and Disposal of Heavy Metals
    • Radioactive waste and nuclear power plants
    • Chemicals
    • Coal Power Plants

    These are not listed in an order of harmful to most harmful, but the link below does have explanations of each. 

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    Particulate matter pollution, consisting of small liquid and solid particles, is the most harmful and dangerous of all air pollutants that affects our health and the environment. The pollution contains a mixture of soot, dust, salt, smoke, acids, and metals. Though it does occur naturally, this type of pollution also comes from human activities, such as the burning of wood stoves and fireplaces, industrial sources, driving, construction, and agricultural sources. Particulate matter pollution can be very harmful to the respiratory system, reducing the body’s ability to fight off infections and increasing asthma and other health related issues.

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