What is the most damaging part of the tourism industry to the environment?



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    Many aspects of tourism are damaging to the environment in many different ways, so choosing the single most damaging part of tourism isn’t easy.  However, transportation is certainly one of the leading contenders, and likely the greatest challenge that tourism poses to the environment.

    No matter where you go for your vacation or what you do there, you had to get there somehow, and chances are your mode of transportation required significant carbon emissions.  Tourism counts for more than half of all air traffic, and air planes are currently one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions.  Indeed, just about every mode of travel available, be it car or train or bus or boat, necessarily entails at least a small contribution to air pollution and global warming.  Travel also requires a whoe infrastructure, including airports, train and bus stations, roads and tracks, and gas stations, which take up valuable land and resources and damage natural habitats.

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