What military is most damaging for the environment?



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    The United States’ military by far is the most damaging for the environment. We have the largest military in the more and sustaining it requires a lot of fossil fuels and resources. Currently because of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Department of Defense is the single largest energy consumer in the United States. Last year it bought nearly 4 billion gallons of jet fuel, 220 million gallons of diesel and 73 million gallons of gasoline.

    American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are using more fuel each day than in any other war in U.S. history. When oil prices spiked last summer, the Defense Department’s energy tab shot up from about $13 billion per year in 2006 and 2007 to $20 billion in 2008. The Army alone had to make up a half- billion-dollar shortfall in its energy budget.

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    I would say in the way of gas guzzling and air pollution, the United States does lead the way in environmental impact, consuming billions of dollars worth of fossil fuels. Due to the rise in gas prices, however, the military has begun making prototypes for hybrid and alternative fuel ground vehicles. The FED Humvee is the latest in such technology, being a diesel-electric vehicle that can travel long distances on the electric motor. Also, the United States has really invested in “surgical strike” weapons over the last few years; these weapons are designed to contain their blast radius within a certain area to prevent collateral damage, both human and environment alike.

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