What is the most cutting edge muscular dystrophy treatment?



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    Most treatments for muscular dystrophy have been used for decades, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, orthotics, etc. However, there is new research with antisense oligonucleotides that’s shown efficacy with the disease. Also, the protein myostatin has shown some effectiveness in animal studies.

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    There are a couple of new drugs for MS that are in the testing stages:

    Fingolimod is the first one, which is supposed to reduce the frequency of relapses.  The FDA approved it last year.

    There’s also Dalfampridine, which has shown to improve walking speed.  It was approved by the FDA last year as well, but only for people over 18 years of age.

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    Stem cell treatment, while still highly controversial has been shown to improve conditions in muscle strength and motor flexibility.  Stem cells act as a sort of repair man within your body.  They can divide an endless amount of times and replenish the other cells.  The stem cell is able to stay as is or transform into another type of cell, depending on what cells are needed.  In the case of muscular dystrophy, the stem cell can transform into a viable muscle cell. In the study conducted by Vindego, a company that arranges stem cell treatment packages in Asia’s top medical facilities also found 80% of their patients have been able to reach a stabilization of their condition.

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