What is the most costly method of producing energy?



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    This is a bit of a tricky question for many reasons.  Costly can either refer to the startup cost, the environmental cost, or the cost of maintenance.  Solar power is highly expensive to instal and can be inefficient because it is dependent on the weather.  This is why many solar panels are put in with smaller scale projects than entire solar power plants.  Environmentally coal is the most costly.  Even if it is burned cleanly it still churns out CO2 and requires mining for the coal.  Cost of maintenance I would argue is going to be nuclear.  Nuclear reactors require a high level of security and complex expensive facilities to safely store the waste.

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    A corporate finance and accounting professional wrote an article in 2010 comparing the costs of nuclear, coal, gas, wind, and solar power. In terms of total costs, acounting for construction, production, and decommissioning (nuclear-only), solar power is by far the most expensive. In terms of just production, however, natural gas comes out on top. 

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